The Company

Initium Aviation

As a private aviation company, Initium Aviation bases its operations on three core aspects – its innovative vision for the world of aviation and the length of experience of its directors and staff, the quality and excellence of its services, and, most of all, ensuring both safety and satisfaction, even in the smallest details, in the experience of its clients


Our vision is to be the first option in business aviation, by applying innovative criteria of quality, experience and management.

Our outstanding, seamless services optimise the value you put on your time without compromising on your satisfaction or on efficiency – any place, any time.



Our aim is to establish new standards when it comes to quality, safety and management in the business aviation industry. The goal is for all our clients, current and future, to see how our services set us apart from all the rest, because our commitment and efficiency shine through every day in everything we do.


Our work is all about our clients. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priority, as well as being indicators that our way of working is headed in the right direction. With our depth of experience in business aviation, and a group of highly qualified, skilled professionals, Initium Aviation is your first choice.